Vol. 4, No. 149                                        August 2014

The clubhouse front door lock has been repaired. Use the lock code you were sent with your 2014 member ID card.

Nine applicants completed orientation on August 2nd. All were accepted by the Board of Directors, bringing our membership total to 1359.

Meet Hike Hatfield who has accepted the position of Skeet Range Director. We appreciate Mike for his willingness to step into this position. Contact him at 336-939-3724 or MikeH@rockinghamcountygunclub.com with any skeet related questions.

The next Safe Gun Handling Class will be held at 2:00 - 5PM on Sun. August 24th. The class is open to anyone (members, family, and friends) and is free of charge. New applicants can complete their proficiency demonstration and will not need to test during orientation. The class will begin in the clubhouse and finish on the Utility Range.

Workday Sat. Aug. 30th

To avoid the heat of the day, we will begin at sun-up. Tasks include trash pick-up, mowing, trimming, cutting brush, backer repair, loading birds into houses, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, washing door and window glass, and just about anything else you can think of to improve the look of the Club. Please come out and help if you are able. Bring any tools you think will be useful. As always…the ranges are CLOSED until work has been completed.                                                                                                                    

The Annual Club Swap Meet and Picnic will be on Sun. Sept. 7th. These are MUST ATTEND EVENTS for Club members!

The Swap Meet will begin at 1PM. Anyone may set up a table and sell anything that is gun sport related. If you don’t have anything to sell, come and buy or trade or just visit!

The Picnic will begin at 4:30PM.
Chef Alan Brame will be cooking BBQ with all the fixin’s again this year. Food and beverages are FREE to members and their family members. We would appreciate a dessert and/or a door prize contribution.

Click here to contact Lil Alverson and tell her how many people will be in your party. We need this information early so we’ll know how much food to prepare.

Club members who are musically inclined are invited to entertain us for a while.

Your member ID badge is your ticket. Don’t forget it.


Certified instructor Tommy Massey has agreed to hold another Concealed Carry Class for Club members on Sat. October 11th. Participants will earn the course completion certificate required by the Sheriff’s Office in order to apply for a Concealed Carry permit.

The 9-hour class will be from 8:00AM to 5:30PM with a short break for lunch and is open to Club members and members of their families at a greatly reduced rate.

Bring a bag lunch (beverages will be available for $.50), eye and ear protection, an UNLOADED handgun (a rental will be available upon prior request), a holster, and at least 30 rounds of ammunition.

The non-refundable $40 fee MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE to enroll in the class. Click here to send an email to Club Secretary John Shobert to preregister.

If you have or are thinking about getting your concealed carry permit, you need to see this video lesson with Gunsite Academy instructor Bob Whaley. He has lots of practical advice and discusses the importance of repetition until every movement becomes “part of your personality.” http://www.nssfblog.com/firstshotsnews/video-train-your-personality/

According to the summer 2014 edition of NRA SPORTS MAGAZINE, the NRA recently presented a check to the NC Wildlife Commission in the amount of $25,000 to help fund construction of a public shooting range in Cleveland County. It will be available to the general public, shooting sports teams and law enforcement personnel for practice, training and recreational use. Venues will include pistol, rifle, skeet, trap, and archery. Construction is to begin late this summer.

Don’t forget to sight-in your hunting rifle. Come early to avoid the last minute rush.

Remember this is an all-volunteer organization. Members are expected to do their part in one way or another. If you see anyone working at the Club, offer to help. It gets the job done sooner, and then both of you can enjoy time shooting.

Pick up and place your spent cartridge cases (all metals) in the buckets provided. If you do not want yours, there are others who will be happy to get them. Please do not dump them in the trash cans.

If you are last to leave, be sure that lights are OFF, buildings are closed and the gate is locked.

If you notice any problem with the website or information that is out of date please contact LilA@rockinghamcountygunclub.com

You are reminded that NO SMOKING is allowed inside any of our buildings.

Eye & Ear Protection REQUIRED on all ranges

Jim and Lil Alverson
Your Newsletter Editors since 2001

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North Carolina Benefits from Spending by Target Shooters

In North Carolina, target shooting-related spending contributed $459,373,038 to the state's economy and supported 4,460 jobsNationally, the money target shooters spent in 2011 resulted in $23 billion being added to the nation's economy and supported more than 185,000 jobs. Click here to read the NSSF report Target Shooting in America: Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars.


44 states have constitutional provisions protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

More than half of the states have enacted a Castle Doctrine law that protects the right to self-defense, including deadly force, anywhere a person has a legal right to be.

A historic grassroots effort by voters in Colorado’s Senate Districts 11 and 3 has resulted in the recall of Colorado Senate President John Morse (D) and Senator Angela Giron (D). The people of Colorado Springs and Pueblo sent a clear message to their elected officials that their primary job is to defend our rights and freedoms and that they are accountable to their constituents – not the dollars or social engineering agendas of anti-gun billionaires.

FAIRFAX, Va. – PoliceOne.com released today the results of an extensive survey of about 15,000 active and retired law enforcement officers of all ranks and from departments ranging in size from less than 25 to more than 1,000.
These results strongly show that law enforcement officers do not support President Obama’s gun control agenda. They do, however, strongly support the Right-to-Carry by law-abiding Americans. The survey respondents are united in their desire for politicians to focus on keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill and to reject unconstitutional gun control measures that infringe on Second Amendment rights.

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America's oldest civil rights and sportsmen's group. Four million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation's leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services.